McDonald’s 2,500 residents enjoy the best of living close to the city of Pittsburgh and their strategic location near the junction of the Montour and Panhandle Trails.

John N. McDonald gave the town its name when he laid claim to the land in 1775. The Pittsburgh and Steubenville Railroad, which later became the Panhandle Division of the Pennsylvania Railroad, established a station here in 1865. Coal mining began shortly thereafter. McDonald was the scene of an oil boom in 1889-90 when the borough was incorporated. Oil and coal money brought stately homes, an elegant business district and modern services.


Its residents can boast proudly of its friendliness, as well as the success of citizens who made their mark. Famous "McDonaldites" include:

  • Jay Livingston, who wrote “Buttons and Bows”, “Que Sera Sera,” and “Silver Bells” to name a few.
  • His brother, Alan, was president of Capitol Records, created BOZO the Clown, brought the Beatles to America, and wrote and produced cartoons for Warner Brothers and Walt Disney.
  • Mitsie Welch (Marilyn Cottle) with her husband, Ken, wrote the Carol Burnett Shows.
  • Most recent McDonald stars include NFL coaches Martin Schottenheimer and Marvin Lewis.


McDonald Trail Station, P.O. Box 15, McDonald, PA 1557

Alice Thomassy, 724.926.4617 or Dave Nicksic 724.926.9438


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